Company Email is Fair Game for Hackers

Is Your Company Email Safe?

You may not realize, but more often than not, most company emails contain sensitive data that could shut down a business if hackers had their way. And when we use the term “sensitive”, we are referring (but not limited) to names, phone numbers, account records, confidential documents, employee data, and so on…

Email revolutionized communication, especially at the workplace. But with the reliance on email comes a responsibility to maintain the integrity of electronically distributed information.

Does your company to precautions to encrypt data such as credit card numbers, employee records and banking information? What about vendor credit applications, billing statements and other seemingly harmless documents? All of these could be used to compromise your company… in seconds!

As Managed Service Providers, we are responsible for our client’s data – all of it. By implementing email encryption, we can help avoid identity theft, phishing, viruses and spam.

According to Hosting Tribunal:

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds

  • Cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade.

  • Hackers steal 75 records every second.

  • 66% of businesses attacked by hackers weren’t confident they could recover.

  • You can become an American citizen for $6,000.
  • 300,000 new malware is created every day.
  • The average cost of data breaches will be about 150 million in 2020.

On a positive… Multi-factor authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles. We set up encryption to protect you and create those obstacles.

These are just a FEW of the statistics. In 2021, everyone is a target. Don’t allow yourself, your employees, or your business fall victim to hackers. Let us keep your data and your email secure.

To learn more, contact us! We are here to help.