Customer Success Story: Electrical Products Company

Customer offered flexibility for workforce

Customer: Electrical Products Company – An electrical products company, based out of Omaha, NE, supplying electrical parts from several nationally known companies.

Problem: Even prior to Covid, Electrical Products Company was facing challenges with flexible needs from their workforce. Most of their employees had small children at home and desired the ability to work remote. Once Covid hit, flexible offerings certainly became more lucrative.

Solution: By using the CSI Cloud Suite, the phone units were easily switched over, and totally seamless to the customer. Electrical Products Company wanted the set-up to have one main line that would ring to every phone within the company. First one to answer is the winner!

With a few outside inside and outside sales reps and a support person, switching to a remote work environment actually made sense; there really was no need for an office setting.

According to Kevin Meier, Vice President of Electrical Products Company, the transition was great! Naturally, there were a few glitches, such as configuring the night-time switch, determining the best set-up for the secretary that had two phones and some spam calls getting through. However, after working out those kinks, everything was better than expected. And, even with the few challenges, Kevin was thrilled with the customer service they received and the attention to detail.

“It’s relaxed atmosphere when working with Greg and his group – no high pressure. They are just a great group of people that know their stuff and want the best for you.” – Kevin Meier

This is just another way that the CSI Cloud Suite allowed a customer the ease of moving from an office-to-home work environment with MINIMAL disruptions. Are you ready to hear more about the CSI Cloud Suite and what it can do for you?

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