A Network Monitoring Service Provider isn’t just a “nice to have” in today’s tech-driven marketplace. For businesses that rely on 100 percent uptime for their systems, it’s a necessity. From managing the configuration of your network devices to performing regular security checks, patches and other fixes, you simply must have a solid monitoring and management system in place to catch errors before they occur.

Why is networking monitoring and management so important? Consider that if your network fails, you can experience major losses. For example, if your customers’ data is compromised, then not only will your reputation suffer, but you also could lose business or even go out of business altogether.

The problem for many businesses is that they cannot afford to implement 24-7 network monitoring. Slim staff resources and lack of available capital force these businesses to take their chances with spotty monitoring. To address this problem, many companies are turning to third-party providers to outsource their network monitoring and management.

Benefits Include:


  1. Cost savings. If you have an outside provider, you only will pay for the services you need rather than have to hire and train new staff. In turn, you will free up existing staff to work on other projects.
  2. Increased productivity. In addition to freeing up your staff’s time, you also are likely to reduce the number of network breakdowns. That means your staff won’t be spending all their time putting out fires and instead can focus on doing the jobs for which they were hired.
  3. Greater security. With the right network monitoring and management, security will not be an issue. You will find out about potential problems in advance, so you can head them off before they occur.
  4. You have access to providers’ expertise. Third-party providers are experts at what they do. Their business is safeguarding your business, and that means you have access to advice and service on a regular basis. So rather than invest the time and money into training your staff on network monitoring and management, you can take advantage of the expertise available at a moment’s notice.
  5. You can scout out package deals. Most providers offer monitoring packages that let you mix and match to get the services you need. This is a cost-effective way to monitor your systems without paying for any services that don’t suit your business’s needs.

By partnering with a networking monitoring and management firm, you likely will find that your entire business benefits.

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