CSI has different options for our offsite backup solutions with slightly different features to meet the needs of all SMB customers.  The big difference with CSI’s solution is that it is fully managed by our team to make sure your business is always protected. 

Out of sight, out of mind for you……never out of sight for us.

We are fully committed to maintaining confidence that your server is in the best hands possible. Network support is one of the most important factors to businesses at any size. However, some businesses still continue to ignore it’s importance.

Small businesses basically had two options for network support:

Option 1:

Designate the most “technically savvy” person in your company as the make-shift IT person. Then call in someone from outside the company when your “makeshift guru” can’t solve a problem.

The problem with this scenario:

  1. You originally hired this person to do a different job other than to be an IT person; and
  2. They can’t do both jobs when they’re trying to meet their current job expectations AND be a part-time IT person concurrently. Meanwhile, they often still lack the qualifications and knowledge to maintain this responsibility on a daily basis. 

Option 2:

Use your network until it breaks, and THEN call an expert to fix the problems!

The problem with this option is obvious, as it will result in an unknown amount of downtime; as well as, cause poor customer service and satisfaction. This is not to mention the high cost an emergency like this would cost the company. 

Both of these options will eventually result in poor performance, low productivity, data loss, and poor customer service.

This is precisely the reason why you should contact us, and we can begin a plan today!

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