It started because many software publishers want their software to run on a “dedicated” file server. And who can blame them? These publishers want to take everyone else’s software out of the picture so their application is more reliable and easier to support.

Adoption of server virtualization accelerated when file server hardware became so incredibly fast and expandable. In 2007 would we have guessed that servers would be capable of 1TB of RAM? Probably not.

Essentially File Server Virtualization is a technology that uses the Microsoft Windows Server operating system to divide your hardware into as many Virtual Machines (VMs) as you want. This allows us to install your software applications onto their own VM while utilizing a single piece of hardware.

Virtual CIO is not always the best option for every company, as each and every company has their own wants and needs. However, we have introduced this with the intention of best serving everyone’s unique needs and abilities.

Our team of Network Engineers are very well trained on the best practices for server virtualization, and can discuss with you every pro and con, on a decision as important, and crucial as this one. If you have come to a decision, and decide to go forward with a Virtual CIO than we can begin and can implement this technology on your next new file server.

Next steps would include contacting us , and moving forward with a diagnostic of your companies systems and network. 

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