There’s nothing like the feeling of reaching a helpful help desk representative when you encounter a technical problem with your business’s hardware or software. When you get your problem resolved quickly and easily, it saves you time that you can spend elsewhere.

For many small businesses, it is not feasible hire an in-house help desk to manage their technical needs 24 hours a day. These businesses typically have only part-time personnel or an off-site provider, but often they cannot afford to pay for full-time in-house help services.

The solution is to outsource the help desk operation to a provider that can monitor systems around the clock. CSI is one such provider that has become a favorite among businesses looking to keep business running smoothly without breaking their budgets. The company ranks among the best for customer satisfaction, giving you the positive brand image and reputation you need to grow your business.

If you are considering alternatives to you help desk needs, consider how CSI can help you:

  • You get 24/7 service. If technical problems arise in the middle of the night, CSI will work behind the scenes to make sure your business stays operational. You won’t have to pay the high price of hiring staff for night shifts, because CSI will customize a plan to suit your budget.
  • You’ll have on-shore support. CSI houses its help desk facilities on shore, in an “accent neutral” area of the United States. As such, CSI staff understands American English idioms and dialects so they can easily comprehend the technical need and communicate the solution. End users get a better customer experience, and your help desk integrates seamlessly with your company’s culture.
  • You get consistently low turnover. The so-called “highly skilled labor pools” of India, Costa Rica, the Philippines and other countries experience turnover rates of up to 70 percent annually. In contrast, CSI has low employee turnover rates that translate to consistent service, high customer satisfaction, and continually improving programs and services.

With CSI help desk services, you can run your operation just like a big business but without the high-budget costs. You get all the benefits of a powerful help desk operation, with plenty of money left over to continue growing your business.


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