There has been a huge boom in Internet-based computing in recent years, and not just among large organizations. Even small and micro-businesses are taking their operations into the cloud — and taking advantage of increased scalability and cost-effective solutions for their information storage and management needs.

Shared services, software, hardware, application development platforms and other services are right at these businesses’ fingertips, from any computer with an Internet connection. Best of all? They don’t need to buy and install the programs themselves. Cloud computing provides everything they need, virtually.

A number of different cloud providers have emerged to offer quick, easy access to services without the burden of a huge capital outlay. CSI is a favorite among companies that have mobile workers, tight budgets, and the need to contain investments in technology infrastructure and personnel.

There is an ongoing debate about cloud services and security.  As such, many organizations are still reluctant to transition to public clouds and are tied to their private cloud computing platforms. CSI will ease the transition by allowing you to select the private cloud services that meet your needs, so you don’t have to dive in with both feet. Simply asses the risks and rewards of private cloud computing and add or remove hybrid services as you go.

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