In a world where text messaging seems to be taking the place of other forms of communication, is email still a relevant tool for today’s businesses? In a word, yes. Email is more professional and useful for certain purposes, such as communicating with team members or sending out a promotion to customers.

At the same time, keeping up with incoming and outgoing email is often a daunting task. Businesses, educational institutions and government agencies that send and receive a high volume of email can benefit from email management services to ensure business continuity, good customer service and ongoing growth. Consider the following benefits of having a service provider look after your email service.


There is nothing like a virus or spam to wreak havoc on your business. No matter how careful you and your employees may be, there is always the possibility of unauthorized content making its way onto your network.

A dedicated email management service maintains the highest level of security to keep your network safe. Whereas you likely do not have the resources to dodge every bullet yourself, an email management provider keeps up with all of the latest technology and security patches to reduce your risk of a cyberattack.


How do you handle it if your email goes down? What if you miss important messages from your team or from customers? Having your IT specialist try to diagnose and fix the problem could take hours, days or longer. In the meantime, you lose time and money.

In contrast, with email management services, your provider has all of the resources to get you back up and running in a short period of time. The service itself is more reliable than it would be if you were managing it in-house. It also keeps your IT professionals free to focus on research, development and other tasks more important than troubleshooting.


High volumes of email can quickly get lost without a good organization system. Email management service gives you access to email ticketing to track correspondence, email processing and filtering based on user-defined rules, advanced analytics, and reporting and backup functionality, among other services.

Customer Service

With the above organizational tools to aid you, it becomes easier to respond to customer inquiries and complaints. In essence, your email management service becomes a type of personal assistant, continually monitoring and filtering email so you always know which items are highest-priority.

In addition, with the ability to view previous conversations with a customer, anyone is able to step in and communicate with full knowledge of prior interactions. It makes for stronger, more personal customer service. The customer always feels significant because he doesn’t feel like just another number; he feels like an important part of your company.

Particularly during busy seasons when you might send and receive a higher-than-usual volume of email, a good email management service is your new best friend. Managers can more easily send out team emails laying out goals, agendas and to-dos. Business owners can deliver more effective, personalized emails that drive customer engagement and loyalty. In short, you have the capability to stand out and impress your audience.


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