If you are searching for an online productivity suite to enhance your business operations, then Office 365 should be at the top of your list. With Office 365, it’s possible to use cloud-based computing services with a Microsoft twist. That means you will still recognize the Microsoft server and client applications, yet you will have access to a host of robust services.

From email and instant messaging to collaboration and Web apps, Office 365 leaves no stone unturned in attempting to aid small and enterprise businesses.

Take a look at the top 6 benefits of migrating to Office 365.

  1. If you have been holding off on using cloud services due to security concerns, Office 365 should lay your fears to rest. Office 365 uses secure encryption to ensure that unauthorized users cannot read any transmissions even if they are able to intercept them. The latest antivirus and security measures protect mail messages from malware, viruses and spam.
  1. Ongoing monitoring. Office 365 monitors systems continually to catch any suspicious activity. If an incident arises, the system’s incident response protocol catches and handles the issue promptly. Regular security audits offer added protection to catch any security holes before they become a problem.
  1. Continual service. Having secure service doesn’t mean much if your service isn’t reliable. How much productivity and money do you lose if your service goes down? Avoid the complicated math with Office 365. Microsoft Online Services’ service level agreement (SLA) has a 99.9 percent scheduled uptime. And with multiple data centers around the globe, Microsoft is able to host redundant network architecture and offer relatively uninterrupted service.
  1. Regulatory compliance. Are you current with all of the government and industry regulations? Keeping up with them is like trying to herd cats, isn’t it? Leave the compliance questions to Office 365 so you don’t have to worry about them. Office 365 services are certified as compliant with major regulations, including HIPAA and FERPA. (Note: If you see an acronym here that doesn’t sound familiar to you but you think it should, then Office 365 is most definitely the right solution for you!)
  1. Easy compatibility. Raise your hand if you can afford to upgrade your desktop systems every time a new operating system emerges. No takers? Well, good news: Office 365 makes it easy for any desktop user to access its applications, even Mac users.
  1. Cloud-based computing. If you want the benefits of Exchange Server without the hassle, expense and overhead of deploying it yourself, then Office 365 is for you. Access anything you need online, while storing and backing up your data, too.

With Office 365, you get the kind of connectivity and technology that was once only available in-house. Consider making the switch to Office 365 with a managed provider to ensure your business is up-to-date with the times.

Why build and maintain an email server when Microsoft has already done it for you?

  • Over 500,000 Companies are currently using Office 365 Hosted Exchange

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