When your emails are secure, you avoid compromising important data, introducing malware into your network and leaking top-secret information. Because email messages have the potential to wreak havoc on your systems, your business and your life, it’s imperative to have a good email security system in place for your personal and professional correspondence.

Top Risks

Without email security, you run the risk of:

  • Sending or receiving malware, spam, illegal content, phishing scams and other unwanted material, which may be hidden within email messages or attachments
  • Granting access to your messages, network and operations to unauthorized users
  • Allowing the content of your messages to be altered
  • In legal matters, not being able to prove who wrote and sent an email, or that a recipient received it
  • Sending confidential or illegal content within or outside company walls

Considering the many risks, the minor investment you make in email security pays off again and again.

How Email Security Helps You

Just as you wouldn’t buy a home and then leave your front door unlocked and go to bed, you can’t set up your email and fail to protect it from attack. It is not simply your company reputation and bottom line at stake when it comes to email security. There can be legal implications for failing to secure your systems.

For example, if your system becomes infected with a highly destructive virus, obviously that has multiple negative ramifications for your company. However, if you also manage to infect other users’ or competitors’ systems with the virus because you did not take the proper security precautions, you may be held liable.

The end result could be that you not only lose your systems, data and confidential information, but now you also have to face a legal battle. Unless you have extremely deep pockets, you will have a tough time keeping your business afloat and could lose your business.

How to Get Your Email Secure

Your best bet for email security is to work with a professional security provider. If you attempt to secure your systems on your own, the chances are high that you will miss a critical detail. One little oversight can cost you big.

A professional provider is skilled at patching security holes, providing updates, keeping up with the latest threats, and making sure you are always compliant with current rules and regulations.

Top Features to Look For

As you shop around for an email security provider, make sure the following features are included:

  • Anti-virus software to protect against viruses and worms
  • Anti-spy software to protect against adware, spyware and Trojans
  • Anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-scam software to protect against the above threats and enhance staff productivity

It’s also a good idea to have content security software as well as a company email usage policy in place. That way, you are better able to prevent the leakage of sensitive and confidential information (either accidental or intentional).

Managed email security gives you added peace of mind as you go about the hard work of running your business. If you don’t have a system in place already, make it a priority so you can continue growing your business and your bottom line.

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