Until you have a cyberattack happen to your business, you might not fully comprehend the importance of network security. Even if you have an IT person on staff, you might not have the resources to require that employee to monitor and protect your systems 24/7. Without the appropriate preventative measures in place, you leave your network open to unauthorized access.

In contrast, having a solid layer of network security allows users, programs and systems to operate within a secure environment. Sensitive and confidential information remains where it should, out of the hands of attackers and only accessible to authorized users.

How It Works

Network security often includes multiple layers of protection from various threats, including:

  • Viruses, worms and Trojans
  • Spyware and adware
  • Denial of service and hacker attacks
  • Theft of data, intellectual property and personal identity
  • Zero-hour attacks

Using a combination of hardware and software components, a network security system continually monitors, maintains and manages your network. It protects you from existing as well as emerging threats and stays one step ahead of attackers. The components might include anti-virus and anti-spyware, a firewall, a virtual private network and more, depending on your business’s needs.

Business Benefits of Network Security

Using a managed network security provider is helpful for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small and medium-size businesses. If you lack the specific resources to manage your network security in-house, then it’s a smart move to outsource the work.

The minor investment in network security pays off in three primary ways:

  1. You give yourself business continuity. What would you do if your network went down and you didn’t have a way to get it back up and running? Unfortunately, many small businesses that lack network security and management service find themselves scrambling when an attack or other interruption occurs. Lost time, money and customers usually are the wakeup call that network security is needed. Network security service prevents disruptions in the first place, and if they do happen, you get back to business quickly.
  1. You stay compliant with rules and regulations. Network security protects your customers’ and partners’ data. That’s not just a nice thing to do for them; it’s mandatory that you follow regulatory compliance requirements. If you fail to do so, you risk legal action against you should any data breach occur.
  1. You protect your reputation and your bottom line. Not many customers would want to do business with you if they know your network has been compromised. Would you want to surrender your credit card and personal data to a company that isn’t committed to protecting your information?

You cannot afford to give up your company’s valuable assets to cyber attackers. Get your network security system in place as soon as possible to make sure you are 100 percent covered. Most importantly, do not leave the job to inexperienced staffers who lack the knowledge to set up the many components of network security. By working with professionals, you can be certain your network is completely safeguarded.

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