Vulnerability Assessments

How inviting does your perimeter network look to criminal hackers looking to get in? Not sure? Let CSI run periodic Vulnerability Assessments on your network to see the actual security risks you may have. Even the best administrators can forget about an open port, misconfigure a firewall, or miss a security update. The only way you will ever know for certain if you have vulnerabilities is test for them. CSI recommends all companies have external Vulnerability scans done quarterly and security conscious businesses may want to do more, including internal scans. Our engineers will analyze the vulnerability scans and help you plug the holes and fix the problems.

Are you wondering if you are at risk? Unfortunately, everybody is at risk of being vulnerable. With more and more people working from home, the local coffeeshop, a gym or even the car, companies become more and more susceptible to vulnerabilities within their systems.

However, we certainly are not here to scare you, In fact, we are trying to do the opposite. We are here to keep your systems up-to-date and keep everything safe and secure. 


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