1. Easy hardware upgrades. The wireless standard continues to evolve. What was fast yesterday becomes snail-like as new and better technology takes the place of old. Rather than having to upgrade every time a more efficient piece of hardware becomes available — and adjust wireless planning capabilities accordingly — you can get access to faster service at a moment’s notice.
  1. Easy software and firmware upgrades. Updates come with the territory for a wireless network. If your system does not have the capacity to handle the updates, or if you do not have an expert dedicated to getting it done, your system can crash. That leaves you scrambling to get back up and running. When a reliable, dedicated wireless network provider is doing the work, however, you can be assured that any updates will go smoothly.
  1. Downtime becomes a thing of the past. Remember all those times your system has gone down and you’ve lost money because of it? Or perhaps you run a healthcare facility such as a hospital where it literally becomes a life-and-death situation if service goes down? You probably remember those times quite clearly! With a managed wireless network, problems get resolved quickly, and even if there is a glitch, it gets resolved quickly. Remember, your managed wireless provider’s only job is to make sure you have service. That’s a lot different than having an IT staffer who wears multiple hats and can’t always troubleshoot at a moment’s notice. Worse, that employee might not have the specialized technical knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem.
  1. Guaranteed compliance and secure systems. Much like technology itself, compliance guidelines and security concerns seem to evolve overnight. Keeping up with them is a full-time effort that many companies can’t afford to undertake. When you work with a managed wireless network provider, you don’t have to dedicate resources to staying compliant and secure. Your provider does it for you as part of your service agreement.
  1. Peace of mind. This is perhaps the best reason of all to switch to a managed wireless network provider. Having your systems always available, updated, secure and compliant means you can focus on running your business. That means more growth, better operations and more satisfied employees in the long run. How much better will you feel about your day-to-day operations if you know your provider always has your back?

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