If you have never had a hacker sneak onto your wireless network and take advantage of your security vulnerabilities, consider yourself lucky. The reality is that network security requires continual monitoring to ensure you aren’t opening your systems to unwanted eyes.

Securing your wireless network, in particular, is a critical component of your operations. Regular assessment of your wireless network security keeps your systems safe from attack. It’s a good idea to contract with a security assessment provider that can regularly check for and fix any security holes. In this assessment, the following questions should get answered:

What does your network look like to the rest of the world?

You live with your network every day, so much like looking at yourself in a mirror, you don’t see subtleties that might be obvious to an outsider. A wireless network security assessor determines whether there is an easy way into your systems. It looks for flaws that make it easy for unauthorized devices to hop onto your network. It’s invaluable information that could save you from future calamity.

Which devices are on your network?

An assessment will reveal information about each wireless device that uses your network. From mobile devices and laptops to wireless routers and wireless access points, you’ll get data not only about not only the devices themselves, but also their locations and owners.

Should any unauthorized devices be revealed, you can then block them from access or determine whether they should be granted access. In some cases, it is simply a matter of not having a correct inventory of the devices that are authorized to use your network. An assessment allows you to find out if any users have new wireless devices and then authorize them to use the network.

Are those devices secure?

Authorizing devices is one thing; making sure they are themselves secure is another. Once you and your assessor determine which devices are approved for access, it’s important to see that each of them is running the most current operating system, has the necessary security patches and antivirus software, and is compliant with your company’s security policy. (Note: If you do not have a company security policy, this is a good time to create one!)

What are your wireless access points, or WAPs?

Because WAPs provide a point of entry to your network, they should be set to the strongest level of security. An assessment will determine whether you have the latest security patches and firmware as well as make sure you have a hard-to-guess password. Oftentimes, security breaches are avoidable simply by closely examining areas of weakness and taking swift action to close up the holes.


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