If you are looking to install a wireless network, or if you have one already and want to measure its performance, then a wireless site survey is definitely in order. Consider hiring an expert surveyor for the job who can assess every aspect of your network with precision.

From ensuring your wireless access points are in the best locations to checking that radio interference is being kept to a minimum, a site survey gives you valuable information. Use it to improve your systems or get them set up properly from the start.

Why You Need a Site Survey

The site surveyor studies your facility to understand the radio frequency behavior, coverage and potential interference for your space. From there, you learn where to place wireless access points and wireless devices. The site survey is arguably the most important step in setting up a wireless network. It gives you a road map with directions to get your network up and running at its best.

Simple to Complex

Each site survey varies depending on the facility. A large, multi-office building with many users is much more complicated than a small office with just a few offices and employees. In either case, a site survey identifies the best access point(s) based on your company and needs.

First Things First

Have your building’s blueprints handy for the wireless site survey. These make it apparent to the surveyor whether any obstacles might stand in the way of wireless service, such as walls, elevators and floors that block radio signals.

A number of issues can prevent service from reaching every area of a facility. The site survey reveals these issues and suggests solutions. It also allows you to see where coverage is most needed based on user activity, or decide where your users will be located such that they will have coverage.

At this point, the site surveyor will also assess the existing network infrastructure. If the building has Ethernet and optical fiber networks, then this technology might be able to help support the wireless network.

Locating Wireless Access Points

The site survey shows where you should include wireless access points, or WAPs. Locating them away from metal or concrete walls and keeping them close to ceilings should give you optimal performance. You also need to consider power supply and cabling requirements.

Ask your site surveyor to advise on the best location for these WAPs and the estimated number of WAPs needed.

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