A Re-Cap in Case You Missed It!


Watch the Teams Talk Tuesday Webinar with Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains: HERE

Chip Reaves, founder of Bigger Brains Learning Services, shares with us a little training on Microsoft Teams: the tremendous potential this program can bring to the field of virtual work, remote meetings and e-learning opportunities.
Microsoft Teams has many features very similar to Google Drive, however it provides a workspace and integrates in a simplified, user-friendly interface. It offers several tools especially good for meetings and learning environments.
They offer a desktop version, web version and a mobile app. If you want to integrate your phone provider service to MS Teams, you can call from your computer. It is ideal for e-learning and training for employees in a company or if they are in remote sessions. You are able to integrate the learning experience into the workflow.

Some interesting features: 
Meetings – According to Chip, it works better than ZOOM, no need for licenses, and can hold up to 50,000 people at a meeting (they all can connect). It offers better presentation share since you can integrate PowerPoint directly, you have access to a whiteboard for idea sharing at the meetings, you can record, save and share chat and files, and there is a together mode where instead of looking at little squares of attendees images, you can put them all together in one virtual background. Some of the cons are that they don’t have any break rooms like Zoom and if you have low bandwidth connection it doesn’t run as smoothly as it should.
Calling and integrating your team – as said above you can directly link your phone service provider at the office with your MS Teams account and call people from your computer and the Teams workspace directly.
Stream – it’s their version of YouTube: you can add videos and share inside the workspace in Teams.
Microsoft forms – similar to Google Forms, they also allow you to quiz and evaluate training and classes with it.
In a nutshell, Microsoft Teams has many interesting and easy to learn tools with great capabilities for workplace settings, as a platform for project management and in this particular video for training people or clients on specific things. You can add voice to ppt presentations and let it run for your audience. There are several apps that you can integrate to it just by searching and adding it to the main panel.