It seems everyone now wants to be mobile and have the ability to work from anywhere.  Lots of ways to make that happen but the key is picking the right solution to fit your business and applications.

CSI will help you accomplish your remote mobility goals with solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services), Citrix, and VDI.  Remote access is not a single one-size fits all solution, but even the smallest companies can now get in on the action at minimal cost.

When you have disparate business units, employees, partners, contractors and others needing to access your network, it’s imperative that your system can handle the load securely. Secure remote access provides varying levels of access based on each user’s unique requirements and permissions.

Secure Remote Access Basics

With secure remote access, your users are able to access business applications from anywhere, anytime. Unlike traditional VPNs that require clients on remote devices, secure remote access requires only a Web browser. Users can use any device, whether personal, public or managed, to access corporate files and business applications.

Security Features

Secure remote access enables administrators to configure security permissions based on the device type, a user’s role within an organization, location and other factors. Using SSL VPN technology, the service is clientless so that it is accessible from any location.

You also have the ability to control access to corporate resources based on the user’s identity. Establish a set of trusted mobile apps, and block access to any unauthorized apps attempting to access your system.

Business Considerations

Company leaders might wonder whether secure remote access is the right solution for them. Even if the service is secure and convenient, can they be sure it pays off in terms of the return on investment?

With a closer look, it becomes apparent that secure remote access is a smart business decision. Consider the following advantages:

  • Reduced costs. Rather than paying the travel costs to bring together your network of employees and partners, you can gather them under the secure umbrella of remote access. You do not need to worry about airfare, office space and equipment, accommodations and other concerns. Everyone has access to the information they need, anytime they need it.
  • Close communication. If your headquarters are located apart from branch or franchised locations, secure remote access keeps everyone in contact.
  • Better reporting. You get continual updates on the company’s products, services, inventory, analytics and other important data. You can be more responsive to customer, employee and partner needs when you have the most current information at your fingertips.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Setting up secure remote access is a complex task requiring multiple resources and an investment of time. It’s imperative to set up the system properly and securely from the start to prevent problems down the road.

For these reasons, it can be worthwhile to work with a third-party provider that can set up secure remote access for your company. Your provider will handle ongoing management and monitoring of the service to ensure you have the most up-to-date security features in place. They’ll also ensure the system is user-friendly for everyone to minimize problems.

Technology That Keeps Up With the Times

It is unusual for enterprise-level organizations to have all employees and system users under one roof. Secure remote access allows companies to grant access to the people who need it, while blocking unauthorized users from accessing the system. You get more business done, more quickly, enabling ongoing growth over time.


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