We have told you what VoIP is and how it could benefit your company. Now, we will answer some remaining questions that may come up?  

  1. Will it cost me more money?

No! As a matter of fact, it will most likely save you money… TONS of money. Many businesses are now switching their phone service to VoIP phone service. Typically, you will save up to 70% on your phone bill. VoIP not the latest trend in technology. It is the smart way to do business. 

  1. Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes, if you already have one or more phone numbers for your business, we can easily move them over for you. 

  1. How will it help my company work remote?

CSI will have you, or anyone on your team, set up and seamlessly working from home within hours. With VoIP, we manage your company’s business phone over the internet. You can easily set up conference calls, desktop sharing, instant messaging, chat and video calls. From home, you will still have advanced features such as call analytics, call logs, music hold, call recording call forwarding and so much more.

  1. Can I use VoIP on my cell phone?

Absolutely! You can use your cell phone or your tablet. 

  1. What if I need help with my VoIP?

We are here to help out will ALL of your needs. You will talk to a live person and we will get you situated in no time – 24/7. We have been around since the early 80’s and we plan on sticking around. You can count on us! 

For more information on VoIP, click HERE to schedule an appointment or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.