In January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 7 and end security

This means
that your Windows 7 machines can’t be supported and are vulnerable to
security issues and down time. We understand updating your companies and
clients operating software may seem overwhelming; however, we want you to know
this can be a very simple and painless process.

If you are
a Cyber Sentry client, at your request, we will provide you with a
complete list of machines that can be upgraded and which ones need to be

If you are
an “on-demand” client here is what you need to do:

  • Determine if the machine can be upgraded to Windows 10.
    If it was purchased after July 2015, you may be able to upgrade to Windows 10
    at no charge.  If the age of these machines in January 2020 will be at or
    near your normal replacement cycle (3-5 years typically) it may be best to
    replace now to avoid upgrading and replacing shortly after.
  • Determine
    if all of the software on your machines is compatible with Windows 10 or if it
    needs to be upgraded.  For example, old copies of MS Office may need
    to be upgraded to work on Windows 10.

Worth Noting:

The real cost for upgrade with license,
IT labor, and dealing with incompatibilities is likely about $200-$300 per
machine, making it very undesirable to sink that much money in almost
5-year-old machines.

We understand this can be very
intimidating, but that’s why we are here! This is a duty that cannot be
ignored, and we are willing to help and guide you through every step of the
process. Give us a call and we will create a plan for your business to ease
your mind and be sure your business continues running as smooth as possible.